On the Menus page:

· Hit the Add button.  This adds a new IVR (interactive voice response) menu

· Edit the fields accordingly:

  • NAME – use a name to describe the menu
  • GREETINGS – select the greeting that will be played when the menu is called
  • T/O – the amount of time the menu will play then ring to the default destination specified in Options
  • DIAL EXT – ability to dial a team members extension directly from the menu
  • OPTIONS – menu options

· Press Save after any changes

· Finally hit the APPLY CHANGES or APPLY & LOGOUT button to provision the servers

Menus, also known as IVR’s, is the interaction of the phone system and the caller.

The 2 Key Parts to Menus are:

  1. Greetings
  2. Options
    • Keypress
    • Destinations