Cloud-based Phone Systems

The Complete Step-by-Step Guide

We've taken time to put together this 47 page document that answers everything from basic phone systems to the things you need to know before making the switch in to the cloud.

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Switching and upgrading the company phone systems is not an easy task, let alone moving into the cloud.  The benefits are obvious, but the know how can be overwhelming.  Download our extensive overview that will help you get started.

Inside You'll Discover:

Know the difference between POTS and PRI's.  What is the benefits of having a hybrid PBX vs a hosted phone system.  After this chapter, you will feel confortable tacking such a deep topic.

Phone Systems 101 Guide


Key Benefits to Cloud- Based Systems


We included this section to ensure that you understand all the key benefits of cloud-based technology.  Topics from saving money to disaster planning.

When to Switch to the Cloud

Knowing that the cloud is the right way to go, the question goes from why to when.  We've put together the 7 best case scenarios when an organization should switch their phone service to the cloud.


Technical Requirments

Knowing the what, why, and when, you are ready to dive into the requirements needed to make the switch.  Topics include internet, network utilization, infrastructure, and more. 


This eBook is intended for those interested and responsible for making a decision on whether cloud-based business VoIP solutions is right for you. 

Not only will you find out if it is right, but you will get an idea how to move forward.  We took time putting this together through the frequently asked questions and discussions we have had with customers just like you.

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