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Selling Through Customer Service Stories

When pitching your services to a client it is always best to give them a personal experience, they want to feel comforted and reassured during the process. Besides being able to understand exactly what your customers want and need it is also good to have other items in your repertoire that will help you close …

Creative Customer Service Ideas Using VoIP

Regardless of how large or small your company is, people will want to contact you in a number of ways. Most customers expect to hear and have a person respond to them on the other side of the line; as some become frustrated at a fully automated system that prevents them from hearing that real …

Best Practices To Use in Customer Service

Customers are the basis for every company, they are what drive their sales and help keep them afloat. If a business doesn’t have their customers they don’t stay a company very long. Which is why you will find that most companies have a customer service department, especially if they are a medium to large size …

De-stressing after an Escalated Call with a Tense Customer

Learn to Destress after speaking with an Irate Customer By Edwin J. Frondozo, Co-founder & CEO Instantly download a printable cheatsheet on spotting an email phishing attempt Escalated calls with tense, stressed-out customers can drive you to the point of screaming. These customers can be angry for many reasons, even over the tiniest things, and …

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