Phone System Analytics – What are they, and how can I use it?

The trend in any data service is analytics.  Analytics provides the ability to create goals, measure, and analyze the goals against the data – this simple, yet effective practice is very important in today’s business landscape.  Web services like Google Analytics provides a great platform for website owners and managers to create marketing goals, measure them, and adjust accordingly. […]

A Universal Telephone Number

  We have reached the time and age in our society that we can almost communicate with anybody, anytime, and almost anywhere in the world. With the internet and mobile phones, there is little to no excuse for not being able to contact a prospective client, supplier, partner, or personal connections.  I am confident that anyone who […]

5 Key Benefits for a Hosted Business Phone System

1. Peace of Mind As a business owner, you should be focusing on new sales, existing clients, and employee relations.   Why worry about a technology and service that should enable you to work more efficiently. 2. No Initial Hardware Investment With traditional telephone systems, there is an initial high investment cost just to get started.  This cost […]

CES 2013: What does your business card read?

  With the tech world gearing up for the largest trade-show of the year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013) in Las Vegas, and the rest of the world eagerly awaiting to see and hear what is in store for them with regards to new gadgets, apps, entertainment, and what is coming in the near future – […]

Year in Review: Reflections and Moving Forward

“December 31st. 2012.  Dear Diary, it was a great year….” It is the time of year that every business owner looks back and reflects at the year that was to assess their successes, shortcomings, and lessons learnt.   With that, it is an appropriate time to take what 2012 was, and create a strategy for 2013.  As all businesses, […]

Marketing Start-up Must-Haves

Essentail marekting tools for startups.

Typically, when an entrepreneur has a business idea, completes the plan, and is ready to market, the first thing that comes to mind is designing and developing their website. To build any website, many things need to be taken into account.  For example: a logical road-map,  crucial business information, website security,  social media, and more.  For […]

How to Create Company Departments for your Startup

How to use IVR to create company departments.

Within the enterprise environment, it is logical to separate employees into specialized teams: sales, customer service, and technical support to name a few.  Within these teams, each employee understands their role and responsibilities which ultimately means keeping the customer happy. The typical startup / small business owner wears all “hats” in the organization – from sales, support, to billing.   […]

Team Members

Team Members A team member is any person to whom a business owner or entrepreneur communicates and collaborates with more often than not.   They can be someone they work with on a daily basis, like a sales or support agent, an accountant, the guy IT guy, or even the suppliers.   Centralizing all your Team Members under “one roof” […]

Hello World!

Hello World!  My name is Edwin, I am a co-founder of Slingshot VoIP, and will be a frequent writer here on our blog (yes, I am closet writer and have dreams and aspirations of writing a novel one day). We are very excited to get our business VoIP service out to the market.  It has been a […]